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When I started this site, it was mostly for me to be able to store some pictures and family information and possibly share with a few people. I did not expect it to be as involved as it actually is. It not only shares PDF copies of the individual branches of my family tree, but there are also photos, documents, and newspaper items that I have also found during my climb through the branches of the tree. I have met a lot of interesting people both still walking this planet, and those who walked before us. If you get the chance, read the stories of some of the notable people I have posted for the different branches of the family. Get to know some of these people for yourself.

The Echoes

I have split the website into two main sections. My mother’s side of the family and my father’s side. Feel free to explore both sides as much as you wish. There are amazing and interesting people and stories on both sides. There will also be a blog where I will occassionally post the new and interesting finds that I discover. You can follow the page to receive updates as they are posted. I have also created a complete GEDCOM of the entire family tree if you would be interested in downloading it.